LEGO Mobile Cranes

On this page I have descriped some of the mobile cranes I have constructed in the last period, they are built in different scale, and with different background. Some of them are built with most weight on the functionallity and others are build to have the right appearance.

Gottwald AK850-1
Scale 1:30

Height - 5.2 meters
December 2003 - July 2004
Schmidbauer KG, Germany

Gottwald AK850-1
Scale 1:80

Height - 2.25 meters
December 2003
Schmidbauer KG, Germany

Grove GMK 4075 All Terrain
Scale 1:20

Height - 2.4 meters
November 2003
Vognmand Henning Petersen A/S, Herrestrup, Denmark