Articles in newspapers and magazines

On this site you can find description of the articles from newspapers and magazines where my models have been descriped.

TRAILER magazine, no. 5/2005.

Title: Vuxet LEGO (Adult LEGO)

Text: Sture Bergendahl
Photo: Anders Gaasedal

Mercedes Benz 1840 - strawtransport
Volvo FH12 - Sweet Candy

Dansk Transport og Logistik, magazine, no. 1/2005.

Title: Kun halmen mangler (Only the straw is missing)

Text: John Larsen
Photo: Anders Gaasedal

Model: Mercedes Benz 1840 - strawtransport

Holbęk Amts Venstreblad, monday the 15th November - 2004.

Title: Man bliver aldrig for gammel til at lege med LEGO (You will never be too old to play with LEGO)

Text: Peter Haugaard
Photo: Mie Neel

Model: Mercedes Benz 1840 - strawtransport