Setting up Gottwald AK 850

My name is Anders Gaasedal, I was born on the 4. of may, 1980 in a small town in the Northern Seeland, Denmark.
Right now I am studying at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Copenhagen to bee a Civil Engineer.
Since I was a little boy, I have always used a lot of time (and a lot of my money) with LEGO. The interest for LEGO has followed me through the years, and when you get a little older, it is not that respected anymore to play with LEGO, so I had to define it as a hobby.
In the beginning I used to build LEGO Duplo, but soon it chanced to a it more sophisticated kind, LEGO TOWN. My collection of LEGO TOWN, included a Police-, Fire- and Gasstation, an Airport, and everything else that is supposed to be in a real city.
Christmas Eve 1986, was a day I had been looking forward to for a long time. I had seen a LEGO Mobile Crane, 6361 in the toystore, and that was on the top of my present list. The day arrived, and my wish came through, I got my crane. Right before I opened the box, my father asked me not to open it, and in some strange way he persuade me to switch the mobile crane to another LEGO set, namely the Technic set 8035. I have thanked my father a lot of times for exchanging that mobile crane, because a whole new world of LEGO opened for me. I have probably got my interest for technique from my father, and LEGO Technic gave me the opportunity to experiment with working models.
My collection of LEGO was rapidly enlarged, but now mostly with Technic LEGO, and the interesting thing about building, was now changed a bit, now it is not enough to look like the real things, it is also important to have the same functions.

My LEGO collection

Through the years my LEGO collection has grown a lot, in the early years, all of my savings was spend on the newest set from LEGO, you could never get enough bricks, you allways need some more of those you already got, and there are allways new bricks on the market you never knew existed and cant understand how you have been able to live without. The more sets you get, the bigger opportunities you get to combine them, and build heavy constructions with complex functions. The last years I havent enlarged my collection that much, just a single set now and then, if I found a good offer. My collection is now in a size, where it is possible to construct most things, my fantasy is cabable of imagining. One of my favorite construction types are cranes, and thats why I have decided to create this homepage, to tell a little about my experiences with LEGO, and hopefully spread out ideas and inspire other fellow LEGO builders around the world to create new constructions.
Are you also interested in LEGO?, are you building vehicles, cranes or other exciting things in LEGO, then you are pleased to contact me, and we can exchange ideas, experiences, images, etc.

An almost updated version of my present LEGO collection kan be seen here.